In order to make the shipment and transition into the North American market as efficient as possible for Premier’s suppliers in terms of both cost and customer service, the company maintains a warehouse and logistical facility in New Castle, Delaware. This facility, which was expanded in 2005, serves as an unloading point for juice concentrates that arrive into the USA in either bins, drums, or isotanks. Its proximity to the ports of Wilmington, Philadelphia and Baltimore make it possible for product to arrive in the USA on either container vessels, or chartered break bulk ships and to be quickly stored. The Delaware location allows for efficient and lower cost transfer of these products for onward shipment to customers throughout North America in either bulk tanker trucks or drums.

Premier Juices has the capacity to source, import, blend, and convert juice concentrates into shipments of any specification. Flavor packages can be added to final shipments if required, and we specialize in tailoring our systems to meet the unique requirements of individual customers. The facility us under continuous USDA inspection, and every load that leaves our facility is certified as USDA Grade A.

Specific needs? For suppliers or customers of concentrated fruit juices into North America, Premier Juices has the ability to store, blend and ship product that arrives in either bulk, bins or drums in any form necessary. We deliver product in tankers or drums and our central location with one half of the population of the United States within a five hundred mile radius of our Delaware facility, makes us an efficient and low cost solution for the logistics of fruit juices.


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